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September 10th, 2004

10:41 pm
The GRE -- nay, the ETS -- needs to be defenestrated.


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July 30th, 2004

09:29 pm - Today in Defenestration History...
July 30, 1419

Hussites marching on the Prague Town Hall defenestrate (throw from windows to splatter down below) the Catholic city government, replacing them with a system of four Captains.

Source: DailyRotten

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May 23rd, 2004

05:40 pm - Today in Defenestration History...
May 23, 1618

In what is later called the "Defenestration of Prague," three men representing the soon-to-be Emperor Ferdinand II are thrown from a window in the Hradshin Palace by Protestant noblemen. Luckily for the imperial emissaries, they land on a large pile of trash and survive. But when the Catholic Ferdinand assumes the throne the following year, all hell breaks loose in Europe, starting with Bohemia. Thus begins the horrific religious conflict that comes to be known as the Thirty Years War. It is generally agreed that the war set back the continent a full century.

Source: DailyRotten
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May 14th, 2004

04:21 am - WE ARE NUMBER ONE!

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April 23rd, 2004

08:32 pm - defenestration in the news!
Teacher accused of ordering student thrown from window
COVINGTON, Ga. (AP) — A teacher at a Newton County school has resigned after officials say she admitted she told two students to throw a 14-year-old girl from a classroom window...

http://www.usatoday.com/news/education/2004-04-23-ga-teacher_x.htm or read more...Collapse )

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March 25th, 2004

04:38 pm - girls and their blasted mill of rumors
Girls who spread rumors about stuff they know nothing about should be defenstrated on site. Seriously, my reputation is at stake here!
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March 4th, 2004

10:03 pm
I would like to defenestrate Ralph Nader for being such a bloody egomaniacal git.

Thank you, that is all.
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February 17th, 2004

12:37 am - ohhhh, piss off.
I would very much like to defenestrate people who insist on taking completely unintended offense on behalf of the whole of Christianity for your mockery of such statements as, say, THIS:

everything in the bible is historically true highly accurate and backed up both scientifically and by just plain usuing common sense.

Especially after you have told them and told them until you are blue in the face that you're making fun of the person they THEMSELVES have called extremist . . . NOT their religion as a whole.


It's a good thing that, when arguing with people who have decided simply not to listen to me, I sort of know when to stop.
Current Mood: crankycranky

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February 16th, 2004

10:43 am - Quoi?
Such a resonant word 'defenestrate'

I was introduced to this word by the excellent play 'Accidental Death of an Anarchist' by Dario Fo, in which the Anarchist of the title has been 'defenestrated' before the play begins, from the fourth floor of a police station. The rest of the play deals with a character with the appelation 'Maniac', who infiltrates the police station and uncovers the truth, in a hilariously round-about way.

So that's how I learnt the word.
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February 9th, 2004

04:21 pm - I sooooo wanna defenestrate those who spell incorrectly out of ignorance....
It shall be two or three stories. The bodies will hit soft grass... slighty muddy so they sink in a bit. So that it will have some give to it. (I don't want to have to clean up a big mess.) I just want to get the point across. You know how that goes. No broken appendages or much blood. Too excessive for my tastes. To hear the scream before they hit is enough for me.

Here are some examples:

Probably is NOT spelled prabably. It's spelled right not rite. IT'S TOMORROW, not tomarrow. Please use atleast some punctuation and grammar skills. Show that you are educated. Spend some time constructing sentences. It shows the person you are are thinking before you type. lol should be shot on site. NO ONE IS LAUGHING. It's also definitely not definately.

OH! This is off topic. One of my other favorite words is:

floccinaucinihilipilification - n. - the estimation of nil.

After a severe case of binge drinking, Tom's brain mass was reduced to floccinaucinihilipilification.
Current Mood: creative
Current Music: The Ataris - In this Diary

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