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Divine Defenestration Division
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from the oxford english dictionary:
[mod. f. L. DE- I. 1, 2 + fenestra a window: so in mod.F.]
The action of throwing out of a window.
Defenestration of Prague, the action of the Bohemian insurgents who, on the 21st of May 1618, broke up a meeting of Imperial commissioners and deputies of the States, held in the castle of the Hradshin, and threw two of the commissioners and their secretary out of the window; this formed the prelude to the Thirty Years' War.
  • 1620 Reliq. Wotton. (1672) 507 A man saued at the time of the defenestration.

  • 1837 SOUTHEY Lett. (1856) IV. 521, I much admire the manner in which the defenestration is shown [in a picture].

  • 1863 NEALE Ess. Liturgiol. 238 Which commencing at the defenestration of Prague..terminated in the peace of Westphalia.

Hence (as a back-formation) defenestrate v. trans. (usu. joc.), to throw out of a window; defenestrated ppl. a. (in quot. 1927 punningly = ‘windowless’?).
  • 1620 H. WOTTON Lett. (1907) II. 199 Two of the defenestrated men.

  • 1915 Lit. Digest 20 Mar. 668/3 The word defenestrate means ‘to throw out of the window’..but there is no good authority for its use.

  • 1927 C. CONNOLLY Let. 27 Apr. in Romantic Friendship (1975) 298 Prague..seemed a good place, gloomy and defenestrated.

  • 1958 J. C. HEROLD Mistress to Age (1959) xii. 246 ‘I am like the Irishman who kept coming back until he was thrown out of a fourth-floor window.’ So confident was she of not being defenestrated that she rented a house at 540 rue de Lille.

  • 1974 Publishers Weekly 30 Sept. 52/2 Anne Ramsdell, a brilliant math professor at Oxford,..escapes death by stabbing but is thrown out of her third-story window... Anne meets and falls in love with the man who had defenestrated her at Oxford.

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this is a place for talking about:
  • defenestration

  • how awesome defenestration is

  • people you want to defenestrate

  • other things that piss you off

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"We at the DDD feel that the only true and dignified way of expressing one's aggravation is defenestration - even if it is only to say to an annoying individual, 'defenestrate you.' We believe 'defenestrate you"'is so much more insulting than 'fuck you.' After all is said and done, fuck you is almost a compliment, isn't it? Wanting to have sexual relations with someone presents some sort of positive inclination. However, wanting to throw someone out a window is completely and totally a negative prospect. Not to mention the fact that defenestrate is not yet considered a curse word. Telling an elder to get defenestrated is not nearly as offensive as the alternatives. In fact, it presents a certain amount of superiority, since defenestrate is not a well known word. We estimate that 90% of the time, your annoyance won't have the faintest clue what you're talking about. At worst they'll ignore you afterwords, and at best they will inquire as to the meaning, thereby giving you a chance to gloat shamelessly.
But let's go a step beyond. Telling someone to 'fuck you' could present drastic results. STDs are not particularly tame in this day in age. However, throwing someone out a window presents no immediate damage to yourself.

The Divine Defenestration Division: Opening a window to a safer tomorrow... then throwing it out."

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